5 Dog Care Tips For Working Pet-Parents

Working is an inevitable part of almost everyone’s routine. One cannot survive without earning so we all have to step out of home for few hours in order to afford our living. But, if you’re a working pet-parent then you’ll surely relate to a fact that how difficult it is to manage your work as well as the pup when you leave him alone at home. Well, we can clearly understand your concern and your dog being a major responsibility, it is imperative to figure out the ways to ensure that your pet is taken care despite of your busy life.
Therefore, here are the tips to help pet-parents handle their pet’s routine even when they’re busy working.

Plan In Prior

There are a lot of things you need to take care before leaving your pet in the house. Therefore, to ease the work you need to plan in prior. Organizing is the key to save the time. Therefore, all you need to do is keep the track of pet supplies needed, keep toys around your pet, have a feeding area that includes food and water with their respective bowls. Streamline the dates of providing parasitic preventives if any, ensure to keep all pet’s daily necessities handy to them.

Set A Routine

As a pet-parent, you may be aware that dogs like to live a systematic life. They love it when their routine is followed and may get upset when they notice frequent changes in their daily schedule. Therefore, do not shuffle yours or your pet’s schedule. You can also set reminders on your phone to follow their routine because consistency is the key. So, ensure to be consistent because the more you will follow the routine the more your pet will be used to the timings for the daily schedule.


A good day begins with a good exercise. We know how dogs like to go for walks or just go outside to explore the world. So, it can be fruitful to take your Fido for a walk or exercise with him outdoors at least for 15 to 30 minutes. This daily exercise session will be beneficial for both you and your dog. A workout session in either evening or morning can be a great booster for your day and it can help to strengthen your bonding.

Hire Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

If you can afford to keep your pet accompanied with someone you can trust and who’s well-versed to handle a dog then you can surely hire a pet sitter. In order to not let your dog feel bored and lonely as well as to ensure that all his necessities and routine are been taken care of, it can be recommended to have a pet-sitter until you return home. Moreover, you can also hire a dog walker who can come to your home midday to spend some time with your Fido. They can take your pet for a walk in the neighborhood and even play with him.

Take Your Pup To Work

Okay! This is the last thing you can do if your company allows it. Many business organizations have recognized that having a dog at the workplace can have a pawsitive impact. So, you can take your pet at work by consulting to your immediate higher up and turn your office into pet-friendly workplace. Moreover, you can also setup an area in your office with a dog bed and some toys so that you can get your work done in the mean time.
We all work and it is okay to do that but ensure that you take out your time to spend with your pet so he never feels left out. Furthermore, always consider your pet’s comfort level either you leave him at home or take him along at work. Because pets are too sensitive and adorable to be harsh on.