Highly Effective Ways to Prevent Back Injuries In Pets

Pets are loyal and exuberant creatures that bring an abundance of happiness into our lives. There’s never a dull moment with pets and their weird tactics. Pets are always on their toes; jumping, running, sniffing, and chasing weird objects. However, sometimes, their over activeness can lead to injuries. Though dogs love playing, they aren’t aware of the trouble they can get into if some accident occurs. Injuries, especially back injuries, are very serious and can hamper your pet’s daily routine. Therefore, here we have shared some effective ways of preventing any kind of back injury in your beloved furry buddy.

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Ways to Prevent Back Injuries in Pets

Managing the Bodyweight

Overweight or obese pets are at a higher risk of getting back pain or back injuries. The extra fat around the body makes it difficult for an animal to move around and indulge in playful activities. Still, dogs are instinctive so they might just make a huge leap without worrying about the repercussions, which makes them prone to back injury. Thus, always ensure your pet maintains the ideal body weight to avoid any kind of health issues or back pains.

Regular Exercise

Bones also need their share of exercise every day to function properly. Sometimes, when the bones don’t get sufficient movement, they tend to become stiff. Thereafter, whenever the pet tries to move abruptly, he gets a stinging pain due to it.

Therefore, to prevent any such accidents, take your furry friend for regular walks, play interactive games, and see that he is getting the much-needed exercise. Besides, doing this will automatically keep your pet’s weight in check so it’s beneficial for his overall well-being.

Less Jumping

It’s adorable to see your dog jump when you’re giving out treats, but that might also cause trouble. If your buddy is already facing back pain issues, strictly put a halt on jumping as it will make the matter worse only. Pets who are suffering from back injuries need extra care as they don’t understand why jumping is bad; it is pet parents who should discourage such behavior for the betterment of their pets.

Lift the Pet Carefully

Whenever you’re lifting your pet, lift him with extreme care. Ensure that while lifting him, the back of your pet is straight as that reduces the risk of a back injury. One hand should be placed under the abdomen and the other should rest under the chest; this way, you don’t have to worry about your pet suffering from any kind of back pain.

Be Careful Around Slippery Objects

We sometimes succumb to those dangerous slippery surfaces and accidentally get injured. Even pets aren’t spared when it comes to walking on a slippery object. The pet needs to tread lightly and you are the one who needs to take care of it. So, always keep your pet away from such dangerous surfaces.

These things might seem negligible, but they can leave the pet with lifelong chronic pain. Thus, it’s vital to pay heed to the points in order to give your pet a healthy and worry-free life. Moreover, you may also administer supplements to help maintain joint health. A product such as Joint Guard is highly beneficial at it provides vital nutrients to the joints. You can also read this blog and more Joint Care products at VetSupply as it offers pet products at affordable prices and also has FREE SHIPPING on every order you place!