Australia Day: Tips on Pet Safety

January is the beginning of New Year, new hopes and new resolutions. Along with that, in January, we also celebrate Australia Day. On 26th January, every Aussie acknowledges and celebrates the history of their country. It’s a day of merriment for the entire country which means that everyone is in the festive spirits. Since pets are also a part of family, people should also include them in the fun and activities!

However, it’s also crucial to keep an eye on the pet during such festivals as they could run in on something dangerous and harm themselves. Thus, below we have shared some important tips on pet safety that needs to be considered when celebrating Australia Day.

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Barbeque Fun

It’s not Australia day without barbeque! Any kind of celebration calls for food, and being an Aussie, you can’t miss out on the barbeque tradition. Though, did you know that this could prove harmful to your pet? Your furry pal could harm himself by touching the grill. Or, he could ingest cooked bones which can disturb his digestive track. So, if you’re planning for a barbeque party, ensure you keep your furry companion safe.

Protection from Sun

The weather is piping hot during January, and since everyone prefers to hangout by the pool or backyard, it becomes essential to keep pets safe from the harmful sun rays. Before heading out of your house, put on some sunscreen on yourself as well your dog for healthy skin. Doing so can protect the pet from many skin diseases caused due to harmful sunrays.

Keepin’ Them Hydrated

One of the most common mistakes pet parents do is forgetting to provide sufficient drinking water to their pets during the festivities. So, no matter how busy you are, always keep a check on your pet and ensure there’s a filled water bowl all the time. This will keep the dog hydrated and in good health.

Watching Fireworks

We’re sure you must all be excited to go and see the fireworks at night! As we all know that dogs don’t do well with fireworks and loud noises, they could behave in an aggressive manner. Moreover, your pet might also make a run for escaping so every pet parent must update their pet’s identification tag. If your dog is oversensitive to the noise, put him in a different room along with his favourite toys and treats to dull out the disturbance. If the situation gets worse, consider using Adaptil Spray which immediately has a calming effect on the pet and relieves him from the stress.

Pet-Proofing the House

You could be hosting a party and your furry buddy can easily escape from the house. Therefore, please ensure you have pet proofed the entire house to prevent such accidents. It’s easy to lose a track of things in such busy times and that’s why we have come up with this list so it helps pet parents keep their furry companions safe and sound.

This Australia Day, we hope you have fun celebrating along with your furry pal! Since it’s already summer, we hope you’re keeping your pet protected from annoying parasites like fleas and ticks by using flea and tick preventive treatments.