Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe During Winter

Cozy blankets, hot coffees, and lazy days, well, it’s officially a snuggling season. But, with all the goody feels and winter chills, the cold weather makes it a bit harsh to deal with the season. Especially when you live with animal companions, the challenges may arise and all we need to do is to come up with a few precautions. Winter days aren’t as normal as those bright sunny days because the shorter daylight hours and longer chilling nights can make it extra challenging for your pup. 

Bundle Up Your Pet

Pets are too gentle for the temperature outside. The wind-chill can threaten a pet when exposed directly. So, ensure to keep your pet warm by wrapping him with a cozy blanket while they sleep, sit, eat, or play. This is to protect your furry pal from the risk of frostbite and hypothermia during extreme cold snaps. For some extra coziness, you can also dress your pet to keep him warm. 

Exercise Daily 

Winters may be tempting to turn into a couch potato but exercising is more than important for you and your pet even during the colder months. Staying all day indoors can have an adverse effect on your pet’s health, as they’re prone to be less active in winters. However, pets hate being cooped up all season so you can take them for a walk during the light hours or can have an indoor exercise session to keep those extra kilos at bay. 

Don’t Forget To Groom

It is been perceived that the long hair of dogs protects them from cold. But, pet-parents need to understand that the dog’s long hair gets wet and muddy which makes it hard to brush and groom. Long messy hair can also lead to irritation, skin bacteria, and infections. Therefore, all you need to do is keep up weekly brushing and their regular grooming schedule. 

Keep A Check On Their Health 

In addition to shorter days, colder temperatures and harsh weather conditions may decrease the amount of exercise your pet does. It equally may increase the food intake of your pup which can make them gain some extra kilos that eventually lead to obesity and lethargy. Joint pain and stiffness are worse when carrying extra pounds. Therefore, talk to your vet immediately so that you can proceed to provide joint care supplies to your dog.

Paw Care Is Must 

There are lot of salt and other chemicals on the floor during winter. These can be hurtful for your pet’s paws. Some dogs have long hair between their paws. Ensure you cut that extra hair so that the ice and snow don’t get stuck and hurt their little paws. You can find an exclusive range of paw care products on VetSupply and protect your pet’s paws from odd weather conditions. 
Well, there’s nothing warmer than your love for your furry pal. Keep your bundle of joy close to you and enjoy this season with all the love and cuddles. Stay Safe!