All You Need To Know About Osteoarthritis in Dogs

When it comes to our pet’s health, we leave no table unturned. From providing them with the best treatments to getting their favorite treats, pet parents look after all the needs of their pets. Dogs have exuberant personalities thus they’re full of mischief and fun. These activities can also leave an impact on your dog’s joint health. When a dog is hyperactive, its bones and muscles are overexerted thus it can leave in a loss in joint cartilage and other joint health issues. These kinds of problems can cause osteoarthritis in dogs, which can hinder their mobility. Therefore, pet parents must know about osteoarthritis so they can protect their pets from facing such health issues.

What Is Osteoarthritis In Dogs?

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, affects the joints of the dogs by causing inflammation and deteriorating the cartilage. A healthy dog has strong cartilages that support the joints to move freely and without strain. In osteoarthritis, these cartilages start to deteriorate. This results in joint pain and inflammation.

Signs And Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis In Dogs

 Below are the common sign and symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs
  • Increase in weight
  • Loss of muscle
  • Showing no interest in activities
  • Easily getting irritated
  • Showing aversion to being petted
  • Change in behavioural pattern
  • Having difficulty standing up
  • Lethargic
  • Stiffness in the joints

Which Dogs Are At Higher Risk Of Getting Osteoarthritis?

Usually, dogs of all ages and breeds are prone to osteoarthritis. However, their certain facets put the dog at a higher risk of getting osteoarthritis. Below is the list of factors affecting the joint health of dogs.

  • Any kind of injury that results in tearing of ligaments
  • Joint infection such as Lyme Disease
  • Geriatric dogs
  • Malnutrition dogs
  • Giant breed dogs such as golden retrievers and German shepherd dogs
  • Genetics

If any of these factors are applicable to your dog, you must take the necessary steps in preventing any kind of joint health issue in your furry pal. By giving your dog joint supplements such as Joint Guard, Osteocare Chews, and Bark Naturals Joint Boost Supplement, you can keep him safe from such joint health issues. You can check out the entire range of joint care products at VetSupply.

When it comes to joint health issues, treatment and care are of utmost importance. Osteoarthritis generally isn’t completely cured, but with proper diet, active lifestyle and supplements can help a lot in improving your dog’s joint health.  So, we hope from now on you’ll pay heed to your dog’s joint health. Remember, your four-legged pal won’t be able to come up to you and talk, so you must look after him and his needs. By administering joint supplements, especially to aged and senior dogs, you can rest assured of your dog’s overall joint health.