Should You Consider Euthanasia For Your Pet Or Not?

While most pets leave for their heavenly abode due to old age, others become seriously ill or get heavily injured in some way or the way. Thus, in such situations pet parents might have to decide whether or not they want to euthanize their pet and put them out of the misery.  It is undoubtedly one cruel decision to make and hence, in this blog, we will talk about this in particular.

Should Euthanasia For Your Pet Be Considered?

In simple words, there are only two options to be considered when you’re faced with an ailing pet. One, we can do nothing and let nature take its course of action. And two, doing something that includes treatment, supportive care, or even making the decision of euthanasia, if needed.
Honestly speaking, doing nothing is simply neglecting our responsibilities and allowing nature to decide for us. Hence, it is always recommended to do something and make things happen. We know euthanasia is a hard decision to make, but if that helps in putting your pet out of his misery, so be it. The decision solely lies upon you and cannot be forced by any individual including your vet.

When To Consider Euthanasia?

The first step is to first talk to your vet and seek his expert opinion. Make him know your decision and ask him whether or not the decision you’re making is the right move or not. It is very important to seek the advice of an expert and there’s no one better than a vet. Below are some signs that may indicate your beloved pet is suffering or is no longer leading a life of good quality:
  • Your pet is experiencing chronic pain and despite being on medication, it cannot be controlled.
  • Your pet is vomiting frequently and is having diarrhea that is causing him/her dehydration and loss of weight.
  • Your pet has completely stopped eating and despite being forced to eat, seldom puts in a morsel in their mouth.
  • Your pet has lost interest in chewing his/her favorite toy, going out for walks, jumping around the house, and trying to seek attention from family members.
  • Your pet is suffering from chronic labored breathing or coughing that won’t stop at all.
  • Your pet is unable to stand up straight and keeps falling down when trying to.

Saying The Final Goodbyes

Once the hard decision is made, ensure that every family member says its final goodbyes before the vet performs his task of putting your beloved pet to sleep.
Euthansia is one cruel and murderous decision to make and hence, we strongly recommend pet parents to always seek the advice of a professional vet before making any decision. Stay safe, take care, and keep your pets safe as well.
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