How To Keep Fleas Away From Your Dog?

Fleas are a nuisance, not only to your buddy but to you as well. These creepy crawly creatures tend to wreak havoc almost all throughout the year, and keeping them at bay should be something pet parents can do. Preparation is key, and in this blog, we will talk about how one can keep fleas far far away from their beloved four-legged friends.

Ways To Keep Fleas Away From Dogs

The below ways will really help you a great deal in keeping parasites such as fleas away from your buddy. Make sure to go through them carefully before you put them to use.

Flea Preventative

Your first and obvious choice would be to get hold of a flea preventative that will help protect your buddy from pesky fleas. There are so many different kinds of flea products including oral chews, topicals, and sprays. Opt for the one that suits your buddy. But make sure you get in touch with a vet first. Moreover, to get hold of flea products at reasonable rates, visit VetSupply!

Clean Your Home Regularly

Just by putting your buddy on a flea preventative monthly schedule will not help. You will have to put in more efforts in order to protect your buddy completely. Thus, the next step would be to keep your home clean and tidy. Fleas relish an untidy atmosphere and if your home is unclean, be sure to see fleas mooching around.

Clean and Dust Beddings

So while you’re at it cleaning your home, don’t forget to clean and dust your dog’s bed and beddings every once in a while. Lots of muck and dirt get accumulated throughout the day, so it is imperative to keep it clean. By doing so, you are giving no chances for fleas to enter and thus, protecting your buddy from these crawly buggers.

Regular Bathing With Shampoo

Another effective way to keep fleas at bay is to bathe your canine every once a week atleast. Bathing him with a pet shampoo is an excellent way to keep fleas and other pests away. Shampoos such as Fidos Flea Shampoo and Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo are excellent choices.
The above four steps are really effective in keeping fleas far away from your canine. So make sure you implement them in order to keep your buddy flea-free. Moreover, do not forget to shower some extra love on your buddy because they surely deserve every bit of it. Take care, and stay safe!