4 Major Joint Health Problems Commonly Found in Large Breed Dogs

Joint problems are one of the major problems in large breed dogs. The positive aspect is that there are certain joint problems in dogs that can be resolved with the help of Dog joint supplements. While others might require surgery. It is very important to take care of your furry pal when he is undergoing joint problems. There is restricted movement and stiffness in muscles that can cause soreness in their joints. It is a very painful experience for the doggy since he is not able to move freely. Moreover, as a dog owner, you too are helpless in providing any relief to the furry pal. Large breed dogs are more susceptible to this disorder because of their large size.


Let us now look at some of the major joint health problems commonly found in large breed dogs:

Hip Dysplasia 

Hip Dysplasia is an orthopaedic condition where the hip joints get dislocated depending on the severity of the condition. Although the reasons for the cause are still unknown, it is more commonly found in large breed dogs. There are certain dogs that live normal, healthy lives with bad hips, there are others who might need surgery to even walk. There is still lots of testing going on hip dysplasia and breeders are working to get rid of the disease.

Elbow Dysplasia

Just like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia is more common in large breed dogs. Dogs can live normal live with elbow dysplasia or might require a surgery to enable them to live without pain. Elbow dysplasia is caused due to abnormalities in the development of the elbow joint. But it is still not known what causes this disorder. Breeders are constantly working to eradicate this problem.

Cruciate Ligament Tears 

Cruciate ligament tears are caused due to trauma inflicted due to inordinate activity or abrupt movement. It is more commonly found in large breed dogs as they are more susceptible to injury as they have heavier bodies and sharp turns can result in twisting of legs and tear the ligaments. Hence, it is very important to exercise the pooch carefully and ensure that he is in good shape before training. An overweight dog is more prone to getting injured than a healthy dog.


While age is one of the prominent reasons for arthritis in dogs, you cannot discount injuries and diseases to increase the chances of this disorder. It has been observed that large breed dogs more prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and Cruciate ligament tears are highly susceptible to painful arthritis at a young age. Large dogs also age faster, which makes it possible for them to contract this disorder sooner.

So, is your large breed dog suffering from any of these joint health problems?

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