Ways and Remedies to Remove Flea Infestation from Your Home

Fleas are gross and can infest our complete house, even if a single flea is brought inside by our pet. These nasty critters are so quick in multiplying their population that they could be sprawling the entire house in a week, including your garden. Pet owners who have dealt with flea infestation or are currently dealing with one, know very well what a nuisance these parasites can create. No matter how much we try but they always return to bug our pets and us.

It is very hard to remove the fleas from home if they have already fallen from your pet’s body to the carpets, furniture or wherever your pet goes. Though it is easier to spot adult fleas, tracing down the flea eggs, and larvae is equally tricky. They are so minuscule that it is extremely hard to find them in the entire house. More explicably, it can be compared like a dust spread all over the house. But fret not, because there are effective ways and natural remedies that can eliminate the infestation from your home when followed regularly.

Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas

Use Preventatives To Prevent Fleas

Prevention is better than cure – this adage is absolutely true. Keeping your pet on flea preventatives not just keeps your pet sans infestation but also eliminates the possibility of transference of infestation to the whole house. Thus, make sure you treat your pet with all the good flea prevention products and follow it for the entire year because fleas can infest your house in any season.

Vacuum Your Place Weekly

Vacuuming is the most effective way for removing eggs and larvae that lie in the carpets and other places of the house. They get sucked up while vacuuming and can then be easily trashed away in the can. Make sure when you vacuum, you must clean all the corners, upholstery, furniture, floors, and carpets properly. This regime must be followed at least weekly so that fleas don’t get chance to multiply.

Wash Their Belongings Regularly

Wash your pets’ belongings because it is highly possible that the flea dirt and their juvenile forms have fallen on the bed, toys, bowls, or clothes, which your pet uses. Also, wash your clothes as well because when you cuddle your pet, fleas can stick to the fibres of your clothes. Washing is necessary because detergent kills these juvenile parasites and removes the infestation by one third.

Keep Your Pet Well-Groomed and Healthy

Bathing, combing, and maintaining a good hygiene makes your pet less attractive to parasites like fleas. Thus, the chances of your pet bringing the infestation home is also drastically cut down. A healthy pet has a strong immune system and doesn’t catch any infestation easily. Thus, keep your pet’s nutrition a top priority. Keeping a pet healthy otherwise, also reduces the chances of contraction of other diseases and thus, if your pet remains healthy, the household environment automatically stays healthy.

Cut Your Yard Short

This is one of the most important points to consider when trying to remove parasite infestations from your house. Long plants, damp areas, and unshaven grass attract all kinds of rodents and animals that are transmitters of parasites. Shaving the lawn regularly will let the sunlight to cross and thus, will dry up the damp places and will also remove germs. So, it is a good practice if yards are kept clean and trimmed regularly.

Natural Remedies To Eliminate Fleas From Your Home

  • Dish soap works as a great flea remedy. Just mix some dish soap in warm water and place the bowl in all the spaces where your dog usually moves around.
  • Make a flea spray by mixing vinegar, water, witch hazel, and lemon juice. This solution will kill and repel the fleas wherever sprayed. You can use it on furniture, carpet, floors, bedding, windows, and everywhere else you deem suitable.
  • Baking soda is also very useful in removing fleas that are stuck inside the carpet weaving. What you need to do is to spread the baking soda all over the places and then, vacuum the area. This removes eggs and larvae of fleas from within the carpet and small areas.
  • Salt also works the same way as baking soda does. So, in case you don’t have baking soda, you can use salt for vacuuming the place as well.
  • Boil lemon juice with water in a bowl and let this solution sit overnight. Use this solution as spray the next morning to repel fleas.

Hope you’ll follow all these proven tips to eliminate the infestations from your house. However, it is necessary that you do them regularly so the infestations does not return. And yes, don’t forget to let some sunlight suffuse in your house as well. It is a natural antidote against germs and parasites.