Top 3 Pet-Friendly “PaWWWsomEEE” Things To Do This 2020 Christmas

2020 has been a tough year and you’re probably trying to make sense of it all. With the new normal to accept and love from your furry friend you’re trying to build yourself back up! It is okay not to be okay with these unprecedented times, all you have to do is the best. And, with Christmas in front of you – right now approaching! Here comes the time to fill your life with joy, fun and frolic to lighten up your soul. So, gear up to make this time special for yourself and your furry friend.

Well, don’t just sit and spend the whole Christmas day haywire. Here is an array of things with your furry friend to do that can make you both drool over. So, let’s make it a wonderful day to ENJOOOOY.

Pawsome thing to do on this chritmas

1) Decorate Christmas Tree

Who would not love to decorate that Christmas tree? Get all those ribbons, festoon, lights, and small gifts to hang on and with that pet’s stockings make a special Christmas tree for your pet. Well, with your DIY stuff and with little creativity, you can hang on all your pet’s favourite gift items. That would be something out-of-the-box, which your furry friend would love.

Pet safety measure

But, ensure that your pet does not get any access to those festoons or ribbons or lights. This can be dangerous for their health. Better have pet-friendly Christmas tree. Well, fill in the stockings with pet essentials for your pet’s year round health.

2) Plan a Trip

Rarely anyone goes on a ride on Christmas day but doing that can make it an extra special. Plan a trip with your furry friend to any nearby place or just go on a long ride. It would be refreshing to both of you and can fill the day with overwhelming joy. Just in time to return to have that Christmas feast.

Pet safety measure

However, some pets have aversion towards car ride. In case your pet is having signs of travel anxiety, it is better to plan in advance. Prepare them for the ride by treating them with anxiety tabs or use Adaptil spray in the car before a ride.

3) Christmas Feast

Christmas feast is the one best thing that you would never like to miss. So, get preparing that yummy, delicious and savoury feast for all. Well, don’t miss out to prepare a Christmas pet feast for your furry friend or order a delicious stew gravy dog food from VetSupply for a special feast.

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Pet safety measure

Nevertheless, make sure that none of your family members or guests treat your dog with table scraps or sweets as they can turn out to be dangerous for them. Rather have your dog treats ready so they can enjoy feeding your furry friend.

So, with these three pawsome things to do on Christmas, let’s make the ending of the year 2020 somewhat happy and fun-filled with a hope that the coming year will be AMAZING!!!