There are approximately 3 million dogs in Australia out of which a small percentage of them have been aggressive towards kids. Sometimes, in extreme cases, they even bite the kids. 60% of these dog bites happen either at home or backyard of friends, neighbours or family’s house. The risk is even more for kids that are under 10 years. Hence, as a pet-parent, you need to ensure that kids are taught to be safe around dogs. It is crucial for pet owners to keep in mind that kids under 4 years should not be left alone, even with a family pet.

Let us now look at tips that will help you keep kids safe around your pet dog:

  • Educate your kids to take the toys back from the dog and also provide another toy or treat to the dog whenever they take something from him.
  • If your dog is aging, regularly visit veterinarian and ensure that he is fully fit before asking your kids to be close with him. This will avoid mishaps like the dog being anxious or irritable in front of the kids.
  • Do not isolate your dog if you feel that your kids are not safe around him. Instead, take the help of a veterinarian so that there is no further damage to the pet.
  • Have baby gates in the house so that the dog and the kids do not face each other when there is no one around.
  • Relax your dog by tendering them around the ears, tail and head with treats. If the dog is in a relaxed position give him adequate treats.
  • Kids should be given the opportunity to provide treats to the dogs and take them for walks along with someone so that the dog feels he is part of the family.
  • Teach the kids to play ball with the dog and enjoy the activity. The same way teach the dog to follow the command of the kid and give them treats when the task gets completed successfully.
  • If you are bringing the baby for the very first time at home ensure that the dog is fully fed and his daily chores are not affected. This way the dog will not have ill feelings towards the baby for the changes happening around.

Dogs need to feel that they are part of a big family and the kids should feel safe around them. Teaching the kids to understand the body language of the dog goes a long way in ensuring that they have a good time with the pet.