The Australian Bushfires: A Rescuing Act By An Abandoned Dog

Dogs are no more just an animal, but it has become an emotion for pet parents. At times, it gives the chills to hear stories of their pets from pet parents because the conviction, care, and devotion they show towards their loved ones can be at an ultimate level. Dogs are one of the best gifts by nature to mankind. However, if on one hand nature can gift us with invaluable resources, on the other hand, it can also cause unavoidable destructions, and one such saddening incident is the bushfires. Australia had recently been suffering from the devastating bushfires that have caused great destruction to lives, properties, and what not! Approximately half a million animals have lost their lives in the flames. But, these numbers haven’t shaken the hope of rescuers to find the survivors.

Undoubtedly, we have humans rescuing the survivors of the bushfires and making the animals feel safe in their arms. Well, when talking about dogs and suddenly jumping to nature, all I meant was to throw some light on this abandoned dog who is now contributing to rescue the koalas injured in Australia’s recent bushfires. Let’s dig deeper to unfold about a pet turning into a rescuer.

Once An Abandoned Dog, Now A Rescuer

This surely isn’t a spiced up story to add some fire into the flames. It’s a real incident about how fate has its own way to figure the best place of a creature in the universe. Bear, a Border Collie-mix was abandoned by his pet-parents. But now the dog has a new mission, the blue-eyed Border collie mix is serving as a conservation detection dog to track and save Koalas injured in Australia’s bushfires. Romane Cristescu, who’s a part of Detection Dog for Conservation Program at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, told CTV News Channel about an abandoned dog’s commendable contribution to track and save Koalas with his sniffing powers.

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Bear Wasn’t “Bearable” For His Owners and Now Appreciated By Millions

Cristescu further added that Bear was forsaken by his original owners as he was too energetic to handle and wanted to play all day. Moreover, the dog was diagnosed with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, which actually turned out to be his strength because of his attention to details has proven invaluable in tracking victims. Bear was trained by USC academics and works in partnership with the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Millions of animals are believed to have been gravely affected and killed in the bushfire, but the Koalas have been particularly vulnerable in the fires being slow-moving animals. Well, there are other rescuer dogs trained, but due to Bear’s exceptional qualities of being brilliant at focusing, he’s able to lead rescuers to save live Koalas even if they’re hovering high in trees. Bear the rescuer serves as an exemplary candidate as he possesses zero prey drive, which is vital for a wildlife detection dog as they need to focus purely on the scent and not on the animal, and that’s what the brilliant canine does precisely.

Today, because of all the qualities Bear possesses, it has made him a healthy, happy, and a dog loved by millions.

One More Reason To Be Proud Dog Lovers…

Well, in the list of 100 reasons to love dogs now we have one more reason to just go and hug our pet a lil’ more for who he is and for the dogs that they are. The most-adorable, loyal, companion for life and not to forget the rescuer, dogs in all the ways have won our hearts, and that’s why we cannot stop loving them more with each passing day. Here’s to all the pet parents who never leave their pets irrespective of any consequences. Keep up the good work. Happy Pet-Parenting!