The Aussie Guide to Celebrating Anzac Day with Pets

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, and Anzac Day falls on the 25th of April each year.

The aim of observing Anzac Day is to remember all Australians killed in military operations that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula during World War I.

Why are Pets an Important Part of Anzac Day?

While Anzac Day is celebrated to commemorate the lives of our courageous ancestors, we pet-loving Australians also honour the ultimate sacrifice of our four-legged friends’ ancestors during these times.

It is believed that approximately 16 million animals were used as a part of the war effort in World War I. Dogs, horses, donkeys, pigeons, mules, and so many other animals that sacrificed their lives in this war remain unappreciated.

Dogs were used to sniff out enemies and attack enemy dogs; horses were used in cavalry; donkeys were used to carry supplies; canaries were used to warn of danger; and other animals were used as mascots and companions. Each and every animal played an influential role in the world war back then.

VetSupply wants to remind people to reflect on the contributions of the animals who risked their lives in the war. Therefore, today’s blog is solely dedicated to paying tribute to these animals.

With Anzac Day fast approaching, here’s how you can also pay tribute to these animals by including your pets in the Anzac Day activities.

Anzac Day Traditions in Australia You Can Follow With Pets

Whether you have a cat, dog, rabbit, horse, or any other lovely pet companion, include them in the traditional activities and commemorate Anzac Day with them to make it a memorable one.

The Dawn Service

The first event of Anzac Day is the commemorative services that are held at dawn – the about time of the original landing of ANZAC in Gallipoli. These services commence at the war memorial at 5.30 am. It is a ritual and a moment celebrated by most veterans. You can go there to watch these services or watch them live on the internet along with your pet.

Gunfire Breakfast

‘Gunfire’ is a British ritual. Gunfire is the usual term for the early cup of tea served out to troops in the morning before going on the first parade, whenever possible. Many communities follow this tradition and have a Gunfire breakfast. Traditional gunfire breakfast includes many delicacies, including bacon, coffee, eggs, sausage, stew, etc. You and your pet must go out to gorge on the traditional gunfire breakfast.

Anzac Day March

The Veteran’s March has always been the focal point of Anzac Day celebrations, from large cities to small communities. Later in the day, active duty veterans, ex-army men, children, and women march in honour of their lost ancestors. On this Anzac Day, you can also join the march or just take your pet to watch one.

Wearing Rosemary

As rosemary grows wild on the Gallipoli Peninsula, it has special significance for Australians on Anzac Day. It is traditionally pinned to a coat lapel or held in place by medals worn on the breast pockets. Rosemary is non-toxic to dogs, cats and horses so, you can pin rosemary to your pet’s collar or tie to make them a part of Anzac Day.

Anzac Biscuits

During wartime, Anzac biscuits or Soldiers’ biscuits were sent to the soldiers by their friends and families. Biscuits were chosen as they had to send foods that would remain edible for a longer period of time. Anzac biscuits are available in most Australian stores, but you can also bake them up at home. This time bake Anzac cookies with rolled oats, sugar, plain flour, coconut, butter, etc for your pets too!

VetSupply Pays Homage to Four-Legged Soldiers Who Fought For Us: Anzac Special Discounts

As a company dedicated to animals, we pay our heartiest respect to all the brave ancestors of our pets who sacrificed their lives for us in military operations. In order to honour them, we have come up with the Anzac Sale on VetSupply, where you will get grand discounts on a wide range of pet care products and pet foods. We want you to take the best care of the grandchildren of our brave furry friends who are not here with us today. Hence, pet care has been made more affordable on this day.