Pet Dental Health Month – Ways to Care for your Pet’s Dental Health

When it comes to taking care of a pet’s health, pet parents are always alert and provide the best care to their furry pals. However, pet parents often neglect the oral health of their pets. Dental health and its hygiene are as essential as other health issues. Surveys show that the majority of dogs suffer from dental health issues because pet parents don’t pay enough attention to their pet’s oral health. To spread more awareness regarding dental health month, August is dedicated to Pet Dental Health Month. So, keep on reading for tips on how you can improve your pet’s oral health.

dental month

Brush Their Teeth

Just like we brush our teeth every day, it’s imperative to brush your pet’s teeth regularly. Dogs and cats tend to eat anything that catches their attention, which results in plaque and tartar built up around the gums. This can have an adverse effect on their oral health and it may further deteriorate their overall health as well. If you’re a busy pet parent, ensure to brush your pet’s teeth at least once a week. That will prevent any kind of bacteria build-up. Prozym dental toothpaste kit is an excellent product for the thorough cleaning of a pet’s teeth.

A regular visit to Vet

For your dog’s oral health, it’s vital to pay a visit to the vet to examine his teeth. The vet checks your pet’s teeth for any loose tooth or tartar development. Moreover, if your furry pal is suffering from any tooth pain, there are chances that his gums have some inflammation. Therefore, by going to the vet, you can rest assured about your little furry buddy’s health.

Dental Chews and Treats

Along with proper diet and regular teeth cleaning, dogs also need something extra to keep their teeth strong. And dental chews are perfect for that! These dental chews and sticks help in strengthening the pet’s teeth and prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Moreover, they also help reduce the pet’s bad breath. Oravet Dental Chews for Dogs, Hill’s Prescription Diet T/D Dental Health Dry Dog Food, and Pedigree Dentastix are perfect products for a dog’s dental health.

Professional Dental Care Services

Well, you can do everything and the dog still might suffer from teeth pain or infection. Well, it’s because pet parents aren’t trained professionals thus it’s not possible for you to thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth. Hence, there are professionals who provide services for cleaning the pet’s teeth and looking after their dental health. These people do a thorough checkup and help your pet get rid of the tiniest of the particle from the mouth. 

Check the Pet’s Breath 

You can easily identify your pet’s oral health condition by checking up on his breath. Dogs usually possess a foul breath, but when it becomes too strong, there is something wrong. Change in the breath odor indicates a build-up of plaque or some other infection. Therefore, whenever you pet your dog, ensure you sniff him just a little to get an idea of his oral health.

As pet parents, it’s your responsibility to keep your pet’s dental health in check. These little things not only irritate the dog but may also lead to other health issues as the oral infection isn’t limited to the mouth. It can travel into the dog’s system and make him sick as well. So, inculcate these habits in your daily routine and never worry about your pet’s oral health again! Visit for the best pet supplies are affordable rates and free shipping!