Keep Your Dog Tick Free – This is how

Dogs are quite vulnerable when it comes to tick bites or tick-borne diseases. And while ticks are large enough to be visible, tick bites cannot be detected that easily. These blood-sucking parasites can be a menace, feeding voraciously on your dog’s blood and causing a lot of suffering and pain. So, it is important that you find some really effective methods to protect your dog from this nightmarish experience. Let’s see what all you can possibly do to protect your pet.

A Regular Check

If you love to cuddle your dog or rub him up, this won’t be a tedious task. All you need to do is check him thoroughly whenever he returns home, be it for a short walk or a long laze in the sun. Focus a little more on certain areas where ticks tend to latch on easily, such as, under the collar, near the ears, on the forehead, between the toes, or around the tail. If you find a tick attached at these susceptible places, remove it carefully so as not to leave any part of it embedded in the skin.

Keeping Dogs Away From Tick Infested Places

Well! This is quite hard because ticks are found almost everywhere and you can’t keep your dog confined all the time. So, the best that you can do is restrict him to places where there is less risk of tick infestation, avoiding areas of wild greenery.

Keep Your Garden Tick Free

Go for that regular grass and bush trimming, weeding, and medicinal spray treatment to prevent tick infestation and to cut down their population. It will no longer be a matter of concern for your dog’s romp outside once you’ve treated your house and lawn well against the parasite spread.

Get The Suitable Tick Treatment For Your Dog

There are many treatments that work in different ways, treatments that not just repel the ticks but also effectively kill them.

1TICK COLLARS – are long-lasting and ideally protect your dog’s head and neck area. But, Tick Collar may not necessarily suit every dog so always be alert for any signs of discomfort or allergic reaction.

2- ORAL MEDICATION (Tablets/Chews) – The palatable ones are easiest to administer as the dogs love to chew them. The Oral Medication tablet can be directly mixed with their food.

3- SPOT-ON TREATMENT – These treatments very effectively keep your dog tick free for up to a month. Spot on Treatment are quite easy to apply but you need to be careful to choose the right one.  

4- TICK SPRAYS – are easy to use on your dog. Tick Sprays help kill ticks on the spot and provide lasting protection.

5- SHAMPOOS – Bathing your dog with Dog medicated shampoo is the best way to kill ticks on him. It is a very cost-effective treatment that can be repeated every two weeks to keep the ticks at bay and your loved pet at minimal risk.

One untreated or unprotected pet can lead to an infestation in the entire household. But with timely awareness and precise protection methods, you can safeguard your furry friend and keep everyone healthy and happy.