Flea and Tick Treatments – These Are What Vets Recommend

As a pet parent, you must be familiar with fleas and ticks. These vicious parasites are menace to dogs. They suck the blood out of your pooch and infect him with various kinds of diseases. Fleas and ticks can be found in many places, especially near wooded areas or bushes. So, it’s almost impossible to avoid them unless you’re using preventives on your dog.

It’s very crucial to use flea and tick treatment on your dog if he’s infested. Failing to do so can be perilous to your dog’s health. If your pooch ingests fleas, they are capable of infecting him with tapeworms. Ticks are even more dangerous as they can cause fatal diseases like Lyme disease, Paralysis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and many more.

So better protect your furry pal with the most recommended flea and tick treatments by professionals and vets.

Here’s the List of Top Flea and Tick Treatments 

Simparica Chewables

Administering tablets to your dog can be difficult. Simparica chewables is a flavoured tablet so you won’t have to trick your dog into eating this tablet. This treatment stays effective for 35 days and protects your furbaby from flea and tick infestation. In addition to killing fleas and ticks, this product also cleans up mites in dogs and prevents re-infestation.


Nexgard is an easy to chew, beef flavoured tablet that effectively prevents and kills fleas and ticks on dogs. Nexgard is one of the most recommended treatments because of its fast-acting formula – it starts working within 8 hours of administration. The uniquely designed formula also eradicates Brown Dog Ticks, Paralysis Ticks and Bush Ticks. Moreover, it also works against sarcoptic mange, demodex mange and otodectic mange.

Frontline Plus

If your dog is not very keen on chews and tablets, this topical treatment is very effective in destroying fleas and ticks on dogs. You don’t want your pooch to get infested while playing in the backyard or garden and that’s why you should have this product handy. The topical treatment is very easy to apply and protects your buddy from annoying little parasites. The product is waterproof and effective against Brown Dog tick attack.

Frontline Plus is one of the most recommended topical treatments for flea and tick prevention in dogs.


Advantix is a broad-spectrum parasitic treatment. This uniquely formulated product kills parasites and prevents pests in dogs. If mosquitoes and insects are present near your home, it’s better to use this product to safeguard your four-legged pal from infestation.


In just one dose, Bravecto prevents fleas for 3 months and paralysis ticks for 4 months on dogs. This long lasting product is very palatable and highly effective in preventing infestations. If you are someone who can’t keep track of monthly doses, this is the right product for you. In only four doses, your pooch will be protected from fleas and ticks all year round.

Advantage Seresto Collar

This unique innovation is very helpful in destroying fleas. You can use this product if you don’t want to use tablets or topical treatments on your dog. The collar is odourless as well as water resistant, so your Buddy will always be protected from parasites.

Note: This collar is specially designed to protect dogs from fleas and ticks. The existing ticks need to be removed before putting this collar on your dog. The product does a great job of preventing and killing any ticks that your dog comes in contact with while wearing the collar.

There are endless options when it comes to flea and tick preventive, you just need to take into account your dog’s preference. All the preventives we’ve mentioned are from well-known brands and have proven effective on dogs. By using these treatments, you’ll never have to worry about your dog getting infested.