Five Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Having a Dog

No one is oblivion to the fact that dogs are man’s best friend. They are not only adorable, lovely and fun-filled but also more likely to carry the huge health benefits for their owners. From helping them to keep fit to developing their mental health, dogs can imperatively help improve both physical and mental health.

So, let’s discover here what the researches have to say about the benefits of owning a dog.

Helps You Lose Weight And Keep You Fit & Active

Research based studies states that walking your dog not only benefits your Fido but also is quite helpful for you. The reason is, it also helps you remain fit and active along with helping you lose those extra flabs that may be hanging around you. Playful activity with your dog invariably increases your daily activities, cuts down on your doctor visits, and helps you lead a power-filled active life. Moreover, the physical activity increases the plausible chances of losing extra weight and helps you maintain optimum bodyweight.

Reduces Stress, Stave off Depression 

Various studies on mental health prove that dog ownership benefits the mental health too. Dog owners are less likely to face depression and are more likely to combat stress efficiently due to their furry friends. According to a research it is concluded that spending some time with a dog can lower stress, anxiety and blood pressure, and can boost the levels of serotonin and dopamine, two neurochemicals that are helpful for calmness and well-being. Additionally, dogs have helped in easing the depression in old and young, sick and healthy.

Prevents The Risk Of Grandkids Allergies

Recent studies on dog allergies in kids have proven that having a dog in your home can reduce the incidences of pet allergies in kids. Having dogs can plausibly lower the risk of a child becoming allergic to pets. Moreover, the added benefit is that the younger generation might even develop stronger immune systems because of dogs.

Helps To Combat Dangerous Diseases Like Cancer And Heart Conditions

Scientific studies have shown that petting a dog would reduce the risk of heart conditions considerably as it helps in maintaining the healthy heart rate. Therefore, usually dog owners have a healthy heart and are less likely to suffer heart conditions. Theoretically, some clinical studies state that dog owners can combat and survive heart attack compared to non-dog owners. Also, dogs are quite helpful in detecting the cancer earlier before it gets worse.

Lowers Doctor Visits

If you belong to baby boomer class and have a dog then here is some good news stated by a few research studies. They claim that demographic of your age are likely to seek medical help over 30 percent less often to the people who don’t have a dog.

Above all the health benefits of dogs, they also make up a fantastic companion to share love and joy, ups and downs, and a hard day. Just their hug and a cuddle help to overcome all the struggles of what the life has to throw at you. So, never forget to keep them healthy with the help of essential pet supplies.