Five Breakthrough Benefits of Omega-3 (Fish Oil) for Pets

Fish oil for dogs and catsWhether you come from Icelandic or to the extreme coast of U.S, what matters most is your pet’s health.

When it comes to pet health, the significance of fish oil can never be taken for granted. On the frontal level, fish oil is always a matter of discussion whether it is related to humans or animals. As important as it is in human’s diet, the omega-3 fatty acid is essential for dogs and cats. Since ages, nutritionists have explained the role fish oil plays when it comes to health. Predominantly used for human consumption, the immense benefits it provides to pets cannot be left unpraised.

So, let me help you discover the five most essential benefits that omega-3 yield for your furry pal.

Improves Mobility and Arthritic Conditions

Most pets as they age suffer from joint conditions which may lead to inflammation, pain and mobility issues. A proper supply of Omega-3 fish oil lowers these arthritic symptoms like inflammation by directly lowering the potential production of potent prostaglandins, a kind of substance that stimulates inflammation in the joints. The two types of omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) play a crucial role in lowering pain and inflammation associated with arthritis in dogs and cats.

Arthritic dogs and cats, which are on regular dose of fish oil supplement, are more active and agile compared to pets not on the supplement.

Omega-3 Keeps Heart Healthy

Not confined to just joints, the fish oil moves little further when it comes to keeping the heart healthy. Omega-3 has the potential to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. This natural component also acts as life saviour as it acts as an anti-coagulant and prevents blood clots. All these altogether reduces the risk of heart attacks and other heart related conditions in pets.

The healthy supply of fish oil lowers the greater chances of heart stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications.

Boost Immune System in Both Young and Senior Pets

Normally, growing animals and senior pets have weaker immune systems, which can invariably give way to a number of health conditions including frequent illness, inflammation, and infection as well as chronic diseases. Omega-3 takes the command to reduce inflammation and improve the potentiality of immune system.

Regular supplement of Omega-3 helps keeping pets healthy and are less likely to fall sick as it lowers the risk of varied diseases related to weaker immune system.

Omega-3 Gives that Glowing Skin and Coat

Lack of proper nutrients especially fatty acids lead to dull and dry skin and coat in pets.  Moreover, the clinical signs of scratching, itching and redness of the skin are more rampant, when essential oils are in deficient. The proper supplementation minimizes the intensity of most allergies especially that occurs due to food or flea bites. This wonderful fatty acid manages many kinds of skin conditions along with lowering the chances of dry skin and dander, and many other forms of skin scaling conditions.

Essential Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation works as a magic to maintain the general skin and coat health. The maximum benefit of fish oil is scaled only after 3-4 months of regular dosage.

Controls Behavioural Issues and Improves Mental Health

It would be surprising to know that according to a study the aggressive dogs possess lower amount of DHA in their blood, which may lead to conditions like aggression in dogs.  Deficiency of omega-3 may also be one of the factors of anxiety and depression in cats as well as in dogs. The major component DHA present in fish oil works efficiently to lower anxiety and behavioural conditions.

Yet another health nutrition report states that supplying fish oil regularly also increases the pet’s ability to learn and retain some skills acquired during dog training. Not just confined to improving younger dogs learning ability, Omega-3 also works wonders in older pets dealing with cognitive disorders.

Thus, omega-3 fatty acid supplement is not only beneficial for pets with aggressive conditions but also boosts their cognitive function.