Feline Wound Care-Heal Your Pet!

Being a carnivore, hunting is meant for her.The time you will find her timid and hiding, it’s just for her self defense and protection!!Otherwise felines are one the most active species among all other of living creatures existing on earth.


Playful creatures are always prone to sharp and obstructing objects in their path. But it doesn’t mean that you can control on their activities.It’s their natural instinct.Wounds and scratches are normal, but should not be treated normally, as sometimes it may bring daunting situations in front of you. Many cuts (lacerations), bruises (contusions), and scrapes (abrasions) are not life threatening and will heal with little treatment. Other wounds can be severe enough to require sutures and more intense emergency care.

While playing with other pets they may get hurt.If your pet is an indoor lover than no issues, but if your pet is always engaged in wandering and playing with other animals then you must keep an eye on them. Not everyone is acquainted with the proper knowledge and the measures that should be followed to treat such conditions. Here are some important instructions that must be followed by a responsible pet parent to provide a suitable care and treatment to their loving felines.As,we all know cats are not that easy to caught off and hold .however, some simple tips you can follow if your cat allows you.

Always check your pet for following signs:

Bite from any other animals

Bleeding wound


Some of the primary treatments, which you can follow before taking her to vet are quoted below:

1. In case of any cut leading to blood flow, cover the wound first to avoid any kind of infection.   Pressurize the wound with sterile cotton gauze to stop the bleeding.Once; the bleeding stops cover the wound with gauze.

2. Lacerations and wounds should be washed with proper antiseptic solutions, its better if you use any product which is meant specifically for cats to avoid any side effects.

3. In case of deep lacerations, just not do it by yourself. Take the pet immediately for vet’s recommendation. 

Always keep a well maintained first aid kit for your kitty. Use a suitable antiseptic product to keep your kitty safe.Wound gard for cats a widely used cat product .It is an antiseptic formula that controls infection and spread of wound and helps repairing the damaged cells.

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