Essential Types of Nutritional Supplements for Cats and Dogs

The topmost priority of a pet parent is to take care of their four-legged friends by keeping them safe and healthy at all times. It is always a great feeling to see your hale and hearty pet running all around the house. It not only makes you happy but also spreads positive vibes to the ones near you. Thus, to continue and maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet, it is pivotal to give them supplements regularly. Below is a list of the essential types of supplements you must give your cat or dog.


For the overall wellness of your furry pal, giving him supplements full of multivitamins is very important. Multivitamins are normally enriched with vitamins and minerals and help in providing the right balance to your pet’s overall well-being. Generally speaking, multivitamins include ingredients such as Vitamins A, C, D, B, iron, calcium, zinc, and more. Feeding them regularly helps in boosting their immune system, improves health, and keeps your pet fit and healthy.

Some of the top multivitamins available in the market are:

And more…

Skin and Coat

We love cuddling and snuggling our pets, don’t we? And you simply love to do it when their fur coats are soft and smooth. To keep their skin and coat health in good shape, giving them some skin and coat supplements will do them a world of good. Moreover, keeping your buddy’s fur coat healthy helps in preventing skin issues like rashes and dangerous diseases like skin cancer!

Skin and coat supplements include:

And more…

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Probiotics are good kind of bacteria and yeast that inhibit the growth of the bad bacteria that is present in the pet’s body. Prebiotics, on the other hand, are fibre compounds that are fed to the probiotics. Both work simultaneously to protect pets from fungus, bacteria, etc. They help in healthy digestion and take care of the pet’s well-being.

Healthy digestives include:

And more…

Joints and Hips

At some stage in their lives, cats and dogs will encounter hip and joint issues. And there is nothing much that can be done about that, but prolonging it is possible. Feeding your buddy daily joint and hip supplements will help a great deal. Joint supplements not only strengthen the bones and muscles, but repairs damaged cartilage and improve flexibility and mobility.

Some excellent joint and hip supplements are mentioned below:

And more…

Calming Supplements

Cats and dogs can get hyper as well as anxious. These stressful situations occur mainly during uncomfortable circumstances (thunderstorms, gunshots, fireworks, travelling in a car, etc). To make them calm and prevent these from becoming a major cause for concern, calming supplements is the answer. These supplements not only reduce stress and anxiety but keep your pet in good condition.

Below are a few calming supplements you can opt for.

And more…

These five kinds of supplements will help you keep your pet well-protected and in great health. But before you opt for them, make sure to first consult your local veterinarian.

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