Dogs Dislike These Things That Humans Do

Dogs love being around humans and the same can be said the other way round too. While humans love their pet so much that they make sure nothing bad happens to them, they sometimes tend to do such things that annoy their canine friend. We have jotted down things us humans do that dogs cannot stand. Make sure to avoid such things because well, your doggie just doesn’t like it.

Things Dogs Hate That Humans Do

Below is a list of things which dogs simply loathe about humans. Know what they are and try and avoid them as much as possible so that your furry pal can be happy all the time.

1. No YELLING, PLEASE – Pet parents generally tend to yell at their pooch when they disobey orders. No matter what the situation, it is important to curb your anger because yelling instils a sense of fear and barking angrily starts to kick in. So, no YELLING, PLEASE!

2. Keep Your Hands off My Face, Please – No matter how much you love cuddling your dog and touching his pretty face, they do hate the touching part minus the cuddling. Dogs don’t actually hate touching but when it gets too much, they do tend to send signals by moving their face away from your hands.

3. Why Don’t You Let Me Sniff Around? – As much as your pal loves you, they love sniffing around too. So next time you want to yell at them or let out a stern “NO” while they go around sniffing, don’t bother doing that. Let them sniff around as long as they’re sniffing inside the house and not outside.

4. Ugh, I Just Hate It When You Dress Me Up – Pet parents love dressing their lil munchkins, especially during the festive season. While they love doing it, little do they know that their fur babies have an opinion too! But unfortunately, they can’t be heard or interpreted by their human parents. How awful, isn’t it?

5. Come On, Cheer Up; Don’t Being Sad – One of the worst sights for your fur baby is seeing you in a sad mood. They absolutely hate it when you are not smiling. Dogs love humans so much that if they see them dejected, they will go and sit beside them trying to lend out a helping hand. They would also force their nose into your covered face in the hope that you will stop being sad and instead, pet them.

6. Please Don’t Leave Me Alone – Never ever think of leaving your dog alone or in a shelter home. They love you so much that they hate being separated from you. You may notice how happy they get (wagging their tails) when they see you in the evening after you come back home from work. Imagine them not seeing you for days. Very hard, right?

7. Hug Me, Alright but Not Too Tightly – While there are some dogs who simply love being hugged, there are others who aren’t really fond of such things. And then there’s a third category of dogs that will not mind you hugging them but not too tightly. In fact, a majority of the dogs hate being hugged too tightly. Hugging too tight makes them feel suffocated and gasping for breath. So next time you wish to hug your pal, do it gently.

8. Eh, Your Commands Are Too Long For My Liking – Dogs that are trained to listen to your commands will obey all your orders provided the commands you throw at them are short. So instead of saying, “go fetch that, buddy”, a simple “fetch” will do. Also, it is important to command them in a sweet, tender loving voice. Everybody hates receiving orders in a stern and loud tone.

9. Why Do You Interrupt My Sleep? – If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do at all, it’s waking your canine friend up from deep sleep. Just like you hate been woken up early in the morning, dogs too hate it when you make noises or call out their names when they’re sleeping.

10. Why Are You Looking At Me Like That? – Staring at a dog especially if you are meeting him for the first time, not only makes him uncomfortable but he sees it as a challenge or threat and lets out a bark. The bark only gets stronger and stronger if you continue to look at him. Hence, avoid eye contact with a dog you haven’t met before.

While it is close to impossible to meet all these points, keeping them in mind and trying your best you can is key to not only a stronger bond with your mate but a healthier relationship as well.