Decoding 5 Common Dog Sleeping Positions

What does your dog’s sleeping position convey about them? Keep reading to learn what common dog sleeping positions mean and what you can do to make them feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

dog sleeping position

What Does My Dog’s Sleeping Positions Mean?

We, as pet parents, always love to decode all the adorable things that our canine companions do. And their snoozing habits are no exception. Dogs sleep for more than 11 hours every day, and you might find them lying in different positions every time you take a glimpse into their spot. But did you know that your dog’s sleeping positions might reveal some interesting facts about them? Let’s decode the meaning of the five most common sleeping positions of dogs and gain insights into their sleeping habits.

1 – Side Sleeper Position

dog side sleeper position

The side sleeper position is the most popular sleeping position of all. It refers to the position in which the dog sleeps on the side with its legs stretched. If your dog is sleeping in this position, it means that your dog is feeling safe, secure, and relaxed. It also indicates that your dog is calm and content, as this position exposes all their vital organs.

2 – Superman Position

dog superman sleeping position

A sleeping position that even some humans love, the superman position involves sleeping on the belly with front and back limbs extended. If your dog is napping in this position, it usually means that your dog is taking a short break from their play session. Dogs in the superman position are playful and energetic, and can get ready to wake up and play in no time.

3 – Belly Up Position

dog belly up position

The ‘belly up’ or ‘on the back’ position refers to the dog lying down on its back with his legs up in the air. This may seem like a funny position, but dogs feel very comfortable sleeping on their backs. Mostly, puppies and small or medium-breed dogs find it more comfortable to sleep in belly-up position as compared to the larger breeds.

4 – Donut Position

dog donut position

The cutest of them all, the donut position is the dog sleeping position, where the dog seems curled up by tucking its limbs. A dog sleeping in this position conveys that it is either reserved or anxious or cold. The donut position traps body heat and creates a warm atmosphere for the dog, providing more comfort. If you find your dog sleeping in this position often, promptly try to find out the reason behind it.

5 – Back to Back Position

dog back to back sleeping position

When a dog sleeps with its back pressed to the back of another dog, it means it is in a friendly mood and likes to cuddle up with other dogs. This position also signifies love and comfort. The back-to-back sleeping position is common among dogs in the wild and dogs living in multiple pet households.

So, that was all about common dog sleeping patterns! How many of them have you spotted your dog sleeping in? Make your dog’s sleep sound and sweet with branded dog beds at best price online at VetSupply.