Cheap And Chewable Dog Toys Dangers That Every Pet-Parent Should Know

Dogs find the best pleasure to play with toys and stuff. In a way, it can be said that toys and chews are the dog’s second best friends after humans. For dogs, toys aren’t a luxury but a necessity. Toys help them fight boredom and nervousness. They can even help to keep behavioural problems of dogs at bay. In short, toys play a significant role in maintaining your dog’s well-being. And, it’s high time where the toys don’t just mean bones and ball, interesting and attractive options are abundant when it comes to choosing the dog toys for your pet.
It is easy to get overwhelmed when picking out dog toys for your pooch as there are too many options including tug toys, balls, plush toys and dog interactive toys. But, the other side of the coin reveals that not all the dog toys that look safe are actually safe for your pet. Here we are gonna discuss the dangers of cheap and chewable dog toys. 

Plastic Chew Bones

It is important for pet parents to know that dog-safe toys are made of animals parts and are meant for some degree of consumption whereas plastic toys are made for playing. However, several brands in the market make it unclear for pet-parents to figure out whether the chew bones are real or made up of plastic. Therefore, if your pup is an aggressive chewer then those cheap plastic toys might hurt him.

Laser Points

Laser points seem to be a great option as your dog can’t get his paws on it. It is easier to use the laser pointer to make your pup exercise without exerting any effort. Laser points help your dog to be on the hunt for moving light patterns. However, some dogs fixate on moving lights to the point of developing an OCD. Add to that the fact that there’s no payoff for laser-play for your pup, the dog never gets to take down his prey and you have a recipe for a frustrating and potentially hazardous game.

Squeaky Toys

Rubber toys that have little plastic components inside to make them squeak can likewise represent a great danger to your pet. It is the normal instinct for a dog to chew the toy and attempt to get the squeaker out. The noisemaker could be gulped by the pet. The greatest health danger with squeaky toys is the choking risk. While a few pet-parents will permit their canines to play with them under supervision, it’s not so much worth the hazard if that somebody doesn’t realize that the squeaky toys are hazardous and leaves it down for the pet to play without any supervision. 

Cheap Toys of Dubious Origin

Unfortunately, there are no safety standards in place that require dog toy manufacturers to test the levels of chemicals present in their products, so the cheap toys your dog is slobbering on could contain hazardous toxins. Therefore, always look for toys that are listed as nontoxic and take a close look at the toy’s packaging before you purchase. It is important to have a diligent check as some manufacturers attempt to camouflage the manufacturing location.
Well, these are the hazardous toys that can anytime turn your pup’s fun into pain. Moreover, ensure to double-check the packaging of the toys and don’t get allured by the cheap pricing of attractive toys at the cost of your dog’s safety. To take the dire of finding reliable, safe and affordable toys for dogs, you can visit VetSupply to get what your furry pal exactly deserves-toys that ensure fun and safety. So, go and check now!