Bravecto Plus – Flea, Tick, Worm & Heartworm Protection

With the outbreak of fleas and ticks during the season, pet parents start searching for the best and the most effective flea and tick treatment on the market. However, with the influx of numerous new flea and tick treatments on the market, normally, put them in a quandary when it comes to making the best choice especially for their cats.

Well, for addressing such situations, animal health specialists and veterinarians go beyond the edge and try to help pet parents in making the right choice for their furry kid. And, putting their experience and special insight, they bring you here the latest and the most effective broad spectrum treatment – Bravecto Plus for cats.

Let us unveil major facts about Bravecto Plus here.

About Bravecto Plus

Bravecto Plus is indicated for the treatment and prevention of flea and paralysis tick infestations. It also aids in the prevention of heartworms and treats intestinal worms. The advanced formula works fast and continues to protect against fleas for 3 months, paralysis ticks for 10 weeks and heartworms for 2 months. Moreover, it also has an additional functionality; the topical solution has the potential to treat intestinal worms and ear mites. Just one application of Bravecto Plus provides broad spectrum protection.

Numerous pet parents may be wondering, when there are numerous flea and tick infestations available why we need to opt for this flea product. Also there are others who may be skeptical about this treatment as they are already using a flea and tick treatment which is going along with their kitty.

The major distinction about this flea and tick treatment is its long lasting efficacy.

Designed and developed by MSD Animal Health, Bravecto Plus has this special quality. Compared to other flea and tick treatments, it offers a special attribute. Looking at the gap between the flea protections in monthly treatments, MSD came forward with this special innovation, where Bravecto Plus offers a complete 3-month long protection.

Wondering How Bravecto Plus Works on Your Cat

One step ahead, Bravecto Plus is formulated with an additional ingredient compared to Bravecto spot on. Along with Fluralaner, it also contains Moxidectin. The active ingredient Fluralaner is highly effective on adult fleas and paralysis ticks. It cuts down the ratio of existing fleas and ticks by eliminating them and in a long run prevent reinfestations. Whereas the other ingredient – Moxidectin prevents heartworm infection and treats intestinal worm infections.  

Concerned About Side Effects Of Bravecto Plus

As far as safety is concerned, the researchers at MSD Animal Health claim that Bravecto Plus is a safe, well-tested solution for cats around the world to be used for the treatment of fleas and ticks. With over 100 million doses dispensed worldwide, Bravecto Plus has proven to be working effectively for cats. The reports say that this flea topical has undergone rigorous regulatory approval processes and are sold with confidence in over 70 countries. Additionally, it has been clinically proven safe when used according to the label.

A resource states that the launch of new treatment and prevention options depend on the rigorous clinical trial process and undergoing this whole procedure, Braveco Plus has entered the main stream.

What Pet Parents Have To Say On

“Bravecto Plus Spot-On Flea, Tick & Worm Treatment

We have had numerous issues in the past with both giving flea treatment and worming tabs to our cats. Worming tablets never stayed down and one cat always reacted badly to flea treatment often ending up pulling out his fur (Ragdoll/Manx breed). Bravecto Plus is FANTASTIC! With a single treatment fleas, ticks and worms are sorted for 3months meaning just 4 treatment events per year. Don’t believe any flea treatment is ‘ideal’ but Bravecto Plus is the best option for our family. “ (Anonymous)

“Works Well For My Cat

Shocked to hear of cats suffering bad reactions to Bravecto. My adored rescue cat has been on 3-monthly Bravecto for the two years he’s loved with me. He has no bad reaction to Bravecto or Bravecto Plus (which protects against intestinal worms as well as fleas). These drops are applied by my vet every 3 months, and keep my cat free from parasites and without any visible side effects. I pay a monthly pet insurance fee which covers the cost of Bravecto.”(Anonymous)

What Is The Best Treatment For Cats?

With a plethora of flea and tick treatments available, it is way difficult to jot out the very best as each treatment has its own specialty when it comes to treating parasites. Whether you are looking to treat adult fleas, ticks or just want a protection shield against heartworms or looking forward to treat multiple worm infections. Moreover, it also depends how feasible you and your pet are with the form of treatments like topical, collar, spot-on, oral chews or tablets or just a handy spray.

However, if your kitty needs a wide range of protection against various parasites for longer duration, then there is no better option than Bravecto Plus.

So Well! Make the Best Decision choosing BRAVECTO PLUS.