Boxing Day DIY Ideas with Your Pets

As much as we wait for Christmas, so do we wait for Boxing Day as well. It’s, in fact, the perfect way to end the celebrations by unboxing all the gifts that we received on Christmas Eve and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with our family and pets. Since it is a holiday, you can actually make it fruitful by bonding with your pet and indulge in some fun activities. Here are some fun DIY ideas you can execute to make your pet feel special and exhilarated.

Create Kennel For Your Dog With The Gift Boxes

You sure would be receiving some gifts in the carton boxes which can be easily transformed into a kennel with your creative skills. Choose the one that is most sturdy and enjoy building it to gift a new house to your beloved furry.

Make a maze for your kitty

Cut and glue the boxes together to create one good maze for your cat. We are damn sure she will love it. Keep it either inside or in the garden and see your cat busy and confused in finding the correct path to let herself out.


In case you have small gift boxes and are confused about what you can do out of them…don’t worry. You can simply put a treat or chews inside the boxes and ask your dog to find and open the box to get the hidden treasure. Hide that treat in front of your dog so he knows where to go and search. And you can also put his supplement or treatment chews in the boxes. Let him consider it a treat while you purposefully switch a treat with the chews. Isn’t it a fun way to make him eat his meds.

Make ‘Hurdles’ Out Of the Boxes

After a handsome indulgence into treats and table scraps during the festivities, it’s time for your dog to get some exercise. So, the boxes that you were about to throw in the trash can be easily redesigned into hurdles. Keep these hurdles in the garden, inside your house or in the backyard and let the pet flex some of his muscles.

Apart from spending time creating these interesting things for your dog, you can also prepare a good meal for him as well as for yourself. Snuggle up on the sofa with your furry, eat and binge watch your favourite show on Netflix. Boxing Day is just to open the gifts and chill, so spend quality time with your Fido and unwind. Make this day as special for your dog as special it is for you.