7 Things Your Pet Hates the Most

Not all that you do is loved by your dog. They love to be around you, love to be pampered by you, but they don’t like everything you do.

Let’s see what irritates your pet the most:

Too Many Words in a Sentence 

Ahobsshn, oikwbgyhhw wmsijsskoskhu. That’s how your commands are audible to your pet when you say too many things in one go. The average IQ of a dog is that of a 3-year-old baby. They do not understand anything when you speak faster with more words. They get infuriated with such commands and might react unexpectedly.

“Keep it Crisp, Easy, and Simple”

Using Words Instead of Actions

You need to understand how to handle a pet. It is not like another human who would listen to all your chatter and reply in return. Dogs can understand the human verbal language only to an extent. Use as many actions as you can and train them only for actions rather than words.

“Act More, Speak Less”

Stop Yelling

Have you had a bad day? No problem. Share with your pet he will be there to hear you for some time though would not understand anything, but would company you. But you should never yell at them. They are not the absorbers of your anger. 

“Talk Soft, Stop Being Loud”

Unplanned Routine

Your pet is not fond of surprises and mismanagements. They love to live life in a straight line. They want their meals to be scheduled and given to them at a fixed time, fixed playtime, fixed going out for a walk, and fixed rest schedule. Unlike humans who want change in most situations and spontaneity in lives. Dogs like to be quiet and follow the life routine of an introvert.

“Fix a Schedule for Them”

Stopping Them from Sniffing

A dog’s prominent work is to sniff they simply love to sniff around everything and anything. It is their main source of information to detect and know about their surroundings. Let them do their task properly. Do not drag them away from sniffing while on a walk or going out to a new place.

“Let Them Enjoy the Sniff Secrets”

Tight Leash

Nobody likes to be caged or be controlled by someone. But when you are tying a leash, make sure you keep it strong enough to hold but not as strong that it irritates them. Keep it a little loose to make them breathe comfortably.

“Let Them Breathe Freely”

Dressing Them for Ramp Walk

Your pet is not the showstopper of the show. They don’t like to please you or social media by being the source of fashion. You might feel they look adorable and loveable but they feel confused and anxious when they are dressed.

“Naked Skin is Their Favourite Costume”

In the end, your pet wants to be treated like a pet and not to experiment and impose things as we do on humans. Let them be the way they are meant to be.