How to Tackle Fleas and Ticks in Australian Climate

Fleas and Ticks in Australian Climate

Autumn has started and now is the time to make your pets to be prepared for winter season. Although fleas and ticks are mostly found in the entire year in Australia there are particular challenges that need to be met during the autumn season.

Even though autumns are cooler, it is very important to understand that household warmth can keep undetectable flea’s larvae and pupae alive for several months. Hence, it is important to use preventive treatments. There are lots of monthly flea preventives that com in both topical and oral form. Tablets and spot-on treatments are available online that can prevent not only fleas but also heartworm disease and intestinal worms in pets. To prevent fleas from affecting your pets, it is significant to wash beds, carpets and other areas where the pet goes. Each and every pet in the house should be given flea preventive treatment so that they are free from any irritation caused by these nasty pests. You can try Comfortis Chewable Tablets, Nexgard Chewables, or Advocate, to prevent fleas from affecting the lives of your pets.

Some ticks go into feeding period of hibernation in autumn. But, adult stage deer ticks are at their peak when the autumn season sets in. In fact, they can cause Lyme disease in pets. The most prevalent tick is the brown dog tick that is found in the Northern Territory. This tick has the ability to utilize three hosts to complete lifecycle. It requires a blood meal before reaching the next level. The amazing fact is that each female brown dog tick can lay around 4000 eggs. There are different sprays and spot-on treatments that are available online for preventing ticks to have a major effect on your pets. Some of them being: Revolution, Advantage, Activyl for dogs and cats, and Frontline Spray.

If you find fleas and ticks in this autumn season, try these treatments. Also, consult with a veterinarian who will guide you in selecting the best possible preventive treatment for fleas and ticks on your pets.