How Exciting it would be to live a Dog’s life

Ever wondered what it would be if you were a dog? While going for a fancy dress competition in a school we would always become something that we always aspire to be of. Most of them would want to become Astronaut, Pilot, and Spider-Man or maybe Harry Potter but, did you ever think to become a dog – the most loyal pet ever?

I will give you a minute to think and re-live your life as a Dog.

What if you were a dog than a human? Let’s see what you would be doing living the life of a Dog. (We think it would be fun and full of relaxing)

Sleep is Important

Having a life of a dog is full of comfort and at least 14 hours of sleep. The major task is to have polyphasic sleeping patterns to keep an eye on the visitors and home along with fulfilling the quota of sleep. It is usually the drowsy sleep rather than a properly concentrated one. You might be concerned about his half-sleep routine. But that’s how their body is designed; to be satisfied with irregular sleep regime. 

The main cause of this much sleep is required in dogs because they burn as many calories as they gain. On average a regular walk of 1 hour will burn 60 calories. And dogs consume fewer calories than humans do.

Being a dog is a complete restful day and a restful life as well. Right?

Dog-time is lounge time

The way Netflix and Chill is your hour of relaxation. A good time sitting quietly and looking out of the window, watching random shows, sloughing on the couch, and sitting idle is what dogs love the most. To keep themselves energized they give themselves 30% of their total daytime. Else they behave crankily.

Giving yourself time is gifting peace to your life.

Eat to Live to Fullest 

Who does not love to keep the stomach happy? Who does not like to pamper it to the fullest? Food hour is the happiest time of all hours. Keep your pet’s eating schedule fixed to keep his digestive system at par and it also helps in protecting your pet from overfeeding. Also, you must fix a bowl for his eating habit to keep portion control and maintain his physical health.


Eat. Sleep. Play. Lounge. Eat. Sleep. Play. Lounge. Eat. Sleep. Play. Lounge. 

Play is to Preach

The 1-2 hours of your pet’s daily routine must include walking, exercising, playing with toys, jogging, and other engaging activities to keep him in shape and away from all the diseases that are caused due to obesity. It is the most common problem in dogs and many of them suffer a lot. It’s better to start playful activities today than to regret tomorrow.

It is a Happy Talent to know How to Play.

Meet the New Ones

Have you ever seen a single puppy to its mother? Well, that is never the senior except

in extreme cases. A puppy needs another puppy in the company to grow well. They are very social animals hence they love to be around other animals and social animals humans as well. You always have to let your pet meet the people new and old because that makes them feel alive, energetic, and enthusiastic from the inside.

Socializing is always positive than being alone.